Discerning a New Season

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In recent weeks there has been mention of a New Season that is coming upon the church.

A few months ago I returned from a short trip to the Northeastern portion of the United States. The winter months were giving way to the predictable New Season of Spring. In the natural this change of season is fairly easy to predict but what about the times and seasons of God? Are we sensing, preparing and flowing with what God is doing?

The account of David at Ziklag has recently captured my attention. David and his men were at a very low point having lost their families and possessions yet David kept pressing onwards. Think about this! David was anointed to be king in his early teen years. Approximately 15 years have transpired since his first anointing in the lead-up to Ziklag. How would you feel with those years of unrealized promises while trying just to survive? David encouraged his soul while in distress in addition to enquiring of the Lord as to what he should do. (1 Sam 30:6-7) Herein is a key for us; David continued to enquire of the Lord. It was not just David but also his men that recognized a changing of the seasons. The sons of Issachar along with the other tribes joined David in a unity that was not seen before; they discerned the times and seasons and learned to flow with David so as to take full advantage of this narrow window of opportunity. (1 Chr 12:32-33) It is a level of unity that is sorely needed today.

There is something happening in the Spirit; do you feel and sense it? To better equate this truth I would like to refer to a song that was sung during the charismatic movement entitled “Behold I will do a New Thing” which is taken from Psa 43:19. There are four primary points to this verse and song and they are listed below to serve as a guide and encouragement.

1) (Behold I will do a New Thing) It is a statement that signifies God being on the move. There is no denying that God is one who introduced seasons of “New Wine” at unique junctures in church history. Do we have the Galilean qualities of adapting to the move and flow of God’s Spirit or do we stay within the damaging confines of old wineskins? (Mat 9:14-17)

2) (Now it shall spring forth) There is urgency in that statement! Not next year, next month but Now. Remember that “one day” of opportunity that was presented to Israel to possess the land? Caleb and Joshua discerned and aligned with God’s agenda while Israel missed their opportunity. (Num 13:30-31) Today, if you will hear His voice. (Psa 95:7)

3) (Shall ye not know it?) There is a strong appeal to be able to discern that New Thing and Season. Are we alert and vigilant or asleep in an anesthetizing state? Jesus clearly spoke of the ability to observe and discern signs concerning events surrounding the last days. It is imperative to have an intimate and Word based relationship with God in this crucial hour to help ensure that we are in alignment with His purpose. The world-wide events now playing out should serve as a wake-up call for the church to get on-board with God’s agenda. The conflict of the ages is indeed upon us!

4) (I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert) These are beautiful promises that God holds before today’s church. Are you currently going through an impossible crisis where there seems to be no hope or way out? Does your spiritual life resemble a dry and thirsty land? Be encouraged; because the winter is passing and life to the body of Christ is again being restored. There are times when the north winds of adversity come upon our lives; it is the times of refreshing, the south winds that bring life, hope and fruitfulness. We need both experiences to help ensure that we present a balanced doctrine in this day and hour.

Son_4:16 Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits

The above exhortations were preceded by a warning to forget and let go of the former things. (Isa 43:18) This does not mean that we discard what God has done in the past; they are to be remembered and reflected upon as evidence that God is faithful and able to do greater things. It is a reminder that we are not to live on past experiences. The disciples of John the Baptist serve as a good example of brethren who did not transition into the new season of the Lord’s ministry. So many are like this today; holding on to the past at the expense of the new wine and season that the Lord is bringing forth today. (Mat 9:14-17) Remember, the Lord saves the best for last. (John 2:10)

When David lost everything at Ziklag he did not give up. Like David we must not subscribe to the resignation mentality which only results in compromise and a weakened church. It is a time to take God at His Word while making continual enquiry as to how to proceed. There was something contagious about David’s courage and resilience which sparked faith and loyalty in his men. May God grant that we be a modern day version of the sons of Issachar and Zebulon ( 1 Chr 12:32-33) who had ability to discern the times and function together in unity as a fighting army. Their example helped inspire others to align with David as he made his approach to Zion. The 15 years of frustration in fleeing from Saul was about to end. David was about to experience a new season of breakthroughs and authority. Do you sense a similar stirring today? Let not the season of former things hold you back but rather may it serve as a catalyst to embrace this New Season of breakthroughs. (Isa 43:18-19)