The Unveiling of Leviathan


The Bible makes a few references to Leviathan as seen in Isaiah (Isa 27:1), the Psalms (Psa 104:25-26) and Job (Job 41). This character is alluded to in other passages such as Amos 9:3. Who and what is Leviathan and what can be learned as it relates to today? Leviathan, in one form, is described as a serpent who has masteries over the sea. His strength is based on his ability to be concealed and hidden. He is seldom stirred or provoked due to the absence of light that would unveil his tactics (Job 41:12-16). He is also defined as being king over all the children of pride. Can Leviathan be drawn out; can he be defeated?

A Window into Leviathan

American politics helps in giving understanding as to how Leviathan operates. The current two-party system of American Democracy represents no threat to this creature. Think for a moment regarding the 2016 presidential election. The initial front-runners for both the Democratic and Republican parties posed no threat to the functioning of Leviathan. It would not have mattered who won; after all, their families had already occupied the presidential office between 1992-2008. There are some policy and value differences but nothing that would stir this well-entrenched monster. There are several layers of cover than can adjust and flow with the cultural positions that distinguish Democrats from Republicans before Leviathan would ever be threatened.

Leviathan is Stirred

Everything changed when a certain outlier entered the presidential race in 2015. He was not beholden to the system. As it became clear that he would be the primary challenger to THE establishment candidate, Leviathan took notice. Protections were employed that would discredit or undermine his candidacy so that he would stand no chance of succeeding. The effort to take down and or destroy the outsider amplified when he actually became president. This operation involved more than just American opposition forces; it involved other countries who were complicit in this international act of treason. Think of the consequences if this revelation were to be openly known.

There is a light that is beginning to shine in the deep hiding places of Leviathan’s habitation that previously were not exposed. This creature will fight back with every weapon in his arsenal; no tactic or device is off limits. The more Leviathan fights back the more exposed he becomes. The more Leviathan is challenged the greater the potential for significant fallout. Is the church awake and prepared for the battle at hand? Is the church discerning the true reality taking place before its eyes?

I deliberately address this subject in cryptic tones so as to avoid traveling down “rabbit holes” of speculation. There is a far more serious message that needs to be sounded out to the church. If Leviathan is being stirred and aroused in the natural stream of life what does it entail for the church?

“Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual” (1 Cor 15:46). 

Who can draw out Leviathan?

The Book of Job provides the best insight into the scheming and dealings of Leviathan. His strength lies in his ability to be concealed (Job 41:12-16). Is there an unveiling taking place in the church similarly to what is seen above? Job was an honourable man who far exceeded his peers yet there was a lurking enemy within that he did not see. God took great pleasure in Job and deemed him worthy as one who would be brought from one level of relationship in God to another. Job had the character and integrity which allowed God to convey a powerful insight into the workings of the enemy. Job’s suffering was not punishment but rather an opportunity to speak forth a powerful message; a message that needs to be heralded out today. What then is that message?

“Be silent, O all flesh, before the Lord, for he is raised up out of his holy habitation” (Zech 2:13)

What happens when God begins to move in holiness? The enemy is served notice by being fleshed out into the open. It must be understood that status quo Christianity will never provoke or stir the internalized Leviathan. He can comfortably take cover by way of fanciful doctrines that only touch on areas of truth. The sophistication of spiritualized fig leaves entraps many believers into a state of complacency. This all changes when God arises in His holiness.

What is now taking place on the world stage should serve notice to the church. The penetration of light into the hidden residence of this serpent is what stirs him to action. This light emanates from a people who embrace Truth and the message of holiness. The sophisticated fig leaves are no match for a Holy God. The majestic splendour of His light and glory penetrate the deepest bastions of Leviathan’s domain. The problem is that much of the church is content with not rocking the boat. Today’s teachings and doctrines tickle the ear but fail in their ability to draw Leviathan out.

The Lord’s address to the church of Philadelphia should be required reading for every church and believer (Rev 3:7-13). Let’s take note of His introductory statement to this church:

“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth, and no man openeth” (Rev 3:7). 

God is moving in Holiness; is it being perceived? God is allowing Truth to be presented before the Church; is it being embraced? The message of the Atonement is bringing man face to face before a Holy God; how are we responding? Are we allowing the personalized Leviathan’s within to be stirred and challenged? A passive, go with the flow type of Christianity will not win the day. There will be a day of reckoning in failing to appropriate this opportunity in draining our Christianized swamps.

God is moving in holiness whether one chooses to recognize it or not. The question is how one will respond to Truth? Standing in the presence of a Holy God is both revealing and sobering. God desires truth in the inward parts and it is achieved by acknowledging one’s true condition (Psa 51:6). This not only captures the heart of God, it also serves notice to the internalized Leviathan. The pursuit of Truth will not allow Leviathan to be hidden and stationery any longer. One should not be surprised what may be revealed; think of Jeremiah’s lament when the true condition of his heart was revealed (Jer 17:9). One can also ponder over the Apostle Paul’s battles in Romans 7.

There are lessons that can be learned by observing modern day events. The hidden Leviathan has a depth of corruption and vile wickedness that one would find hard to comprehend. His unveiling will demonstrate a ferocity that has yet to be seen in both the natural and spiritual. Are we up to the challenge? Are we discerning and appropriating the Lord’s approach that was given to the Philadelphia church? Failure to do so will leave the nation and the church woefully unprepared for what is coming. Watch natural events in the days ahead because they will provide a window as to what is about to transpire in the church. Leviathan has been stirred; may we be among those who draw him out for the purpose of being unveiled and destroyed.

“Be silent, O all flesh, before the Lord, for he is raised up out of his holy habitation” (Zech 2:13)