The Book Of Revelation – [Part 1]


1. About the Author (Apostle John)
2. Contrasting Genesis to Revelation
3. Some Questions that will be addressed
4. Trinity versus the Unholy Trinity
5. Daniel's link to Revelation
6. Ezekiel's link to Revelation

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Brief outline of the course “Overview of The book of Revelation”
Part 1 – Summary Themes
Part 2 – Outline of message to 7 Churches and Church of Ephesus
Part 3 – Revelation Chapter 2 (Church of Smyrna, Pergamos and Thyatira)

The 7 Churches
1. The Church of Ephesus
2. The Church of Smyrna
3. The Church of Pergamum
4. The Church of Thyatira
5. The Church of Sardis
6. The Church of Philadelphia
7. The Church of Laodacia


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